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Property Management Services

As owners of vacation rental properties ourselves, and with more than 40 years’ experience managing vacation homes in Cayucos, you can be assured that we understand your excitement about having your property pay for itself, but we also understand you may have some concerns when allowing your valuable property to be rented – such as:

  • How clean will your home be kept?
  • Will renters be a good fit for your property?
  • What about damages or if something happens?
  • How often will your property be booked and what rates can you expect?

Be assured – we take care of everything you could think of – plus more. You never have to lift a finger!

Here’s why:


Your home will enjoy the highest standard of cleaning and maintenance available. We use only independent cleaners who are licensed and bonded.

Over time, our cleaners develop a familiarity with your property, and they look at your home as a “relationship” not just another job, and take great pride in providing a clean and attractive living space. In addition, all properties are inspected and inventoried by our cleaning inspector to ensure your property is ready for the next guest, and is staged to confirm everything is in order and working well.

Here’s how it works:

Before renters arrive:

  • Your home is “staged” by making sure everything is in working order. Appliances, including remotes and TVs are briefly used to make sure they work. Toilets are flushed, faucets and showers run, etc.
  • Your windows are cleaned, and blinds/curtains are in working order.
  • The correct temperature is even set for your home.
  • We leave a completed form informing renters that all of the above has been checked and overseen personally by us.

Upon renter departure:

  • We do a lockout, meaning we secure the premises, make sure everything is in working order and that nothing has been damaged.
  • Cleaners come in within 48 hours to clean.
  • You are rarely bothered with any issues. By doing the above we develop an intimate knowledge of your home, and most of time any issues that come up, we take care of without ever bothering you.


You know you’re always getting renters that are the best fit for your home. We personally match to the right renters for each property. That is done by screening every renter that books with us.   Even with online booking, we call them and screen them, so the house won’t have too many people, or people that won’t be respectful of your home.

Your neighbors will not be bothered. We follow county noise ordnances so renters won’t disturb the surrounding neighbors, keeping a high quality of life for everyone.


You can rest easy because we use CSA-Travel Protection so your property is covered for many basic items that may be soiled or damaged by accident by a renter – such as wine spilled on a carpet or a garbage disposal that was broken. For more details about this, please contact our office and we will gladly talk to you!

The bottom line is – you and your property are taken care of just like the home was our own!


In order to help you with this, we will personally come out and visit you and your home after which you will receive a written evaluation. The evaluation will go over what rates you will get and how often your property can be expected to be booked.

Location, number of bedrooms, how your home is decorated, and how willing you are to rent throughout the year including summers, weekends, and some holidays – all of these factors are taken into keen consideration when providing a thorough evaluation. The more available the home, the more we can get you rental income! Contact us for a free evaluation; we’d love to talk to you!


  1. Marketing and Maintenance: When you list your property with Cayucos Vacation Rentals you can relax. We handle everything from marketing to booking guests, scheduling cleanings, maintenance/repairs, and inspections, insuring your home is kept at the high standards. You profit from a 50% repeat clientele rate of which we are very proud.
  2. Experience: You benefit from 30 years of feedback from happy rental owners who have told us over and over that we provide outstanding service! We have an exceptionally high retention rate due to complete owner satisfaction. Many owners have been with us for more than 20 years because they are so happy with what we do for them.
  3. Internet Exposure: You enjoy the advantages of our website which comes up first, second and third place on the major search engines giving your property a high internet profile and a greater booking rate.
  4. Onsite Booking: Once on our website renters can use our state of the online reservation system that keeps renters on our site while booking. Many sites take renters off-site to book which results in dropped bookings. By keeping our visitors on our site, and making the reservation process streamlined, fast, and easy, you will enjoy a much higher booking rate.
  5. Year-Round Service: Because we are open 7 days a week 360 days a year, you and your property get round the clock attention.
  6. Availability: You can call us for emergencies 24/7 to alleviate any problem that may arise.
  7. Up-To-Date Information: You get the most up-to-date services. We feel it’s important to stay current on trends by attending workshops, continue our education in our industry and belong to multiple agencies that are experts in our field.
  8. Easy Access: Your property can be rented in many easy ways, so renters can quickly book your property. We accept credit cards, and online reservations
  9. Owner’s Login: You can make your own bookings and check your home’s reservations by providing you with an owner’s login to our booking software.
  10. Owner’s App: Your home is featured on a mobile app that offers info about your home, Cayucos, the surrounding areas, and local attraction and actives
  11. Monthly Accounting: You will receive your monthly statement within the first week of every month along with a monthly statement reflecting your account’s activity.
  12. Excellent Rates: You will NEVER be nickel and dimed! We NEVER take a percentage of maintenance work performed or set up.
  13. Locally Owned Business: You are working with a locally owned and independently operated business that specializes in Vacation Rentals located in Cayucos. You benefit greatly from this because our office sits in the town of Cayucos. Unlike so many large vacation rental sites, we are not some person sitting in a room somewhere who has never been to the area or in the homes. We’re right in the middle of it! We dedicate ourselves to vacation rentals, and we are easy to get in contact with via phone, answering service, email or walk into our office!   When you get in touch with us, you get a real person to talk to! We work with everyone and are extremely flexible.

For more answers to these types of questions please visit the Owners’ FAQ page

For more info about us, please go to our About Us page!