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Paint – Such a Fast Way to Update Your Cayucos Vacation Rental

Guests Love The New ColorKudos goes out to our owner at 123 North Ocean Avenue, they just had their unit painted inside, and it looks marvelous. Most of the warm hues stayed the same, with the exception of the master bedroom, which has been updated to a lovely shade of gray. Guests really appreciate it [...]


Our Owners Are Killing It With Fresh Home Furnishings

Rental Updates Make Our Job Easier! Let's start the 2017 New Year off with a bang! Kudu's to Owners at the following properties: 1274 C for new window coverings 2692 for new carpet and bedroom furniture 3476 has new sofas, chairs and an area rug on its way to complete the room 20-6th has new [...]


Another Successful Holiday For Your Vacation Rentals

Even though it was weekend before last, I still wanted to share with you that the 2016 Thanksgiving Holiday weekend really had us on our toes. Did you know that on the day guests arrive, we go to your property to confirm everything in the house is in working order? That means all appliances and [...]


What a Difference a Sofa can Make!

Hello to all! I apologize for not keeping in better touch with you this year, but I just got so bogged down in so many other things that I simply got behind in my blogging duties. That said; I have some interesting news: The owners at 14 Bakersfield are happy to report their new living [...]


Ability to Keep a Straight Face

While checking in a guest, and letting them know that upon inspecting the property earlier, their TV/internet wasn’t working, they blurted out, "Ohh f***, we won’t be happy about that!" We replied, while keeping the straight face, "We already have a appointment first thing tomorrow morning to get it fixed." Thank goodness we go to [...]


Cool Updated TVs and DVRs At These Rentals

Our owner at 1210 Pacific has gone all out on a new 60" curved high Def Samsung TV, now that’s a sight to see. Even though some of us believe the Ocean should capture our sight it can be a little glaring and taking a little break and watching a great show curled up in [...]


It’s all in the Details

Believe it or not, but when you upgrade your rental unit your guests love and appreciate it! Plus, they are that much more eager to rebook, knowing they are being looked after, and knowing they will be that much more comfortable when they stay with you. With 50% repeat clientele, they definitely notice new items [...]