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Do Guests Love Your Rental?

Guest Reviews Can Really Boost Rental Rates Did you know that we typically have more than 1000 bookings a year, and each booking has an average of 5 persons, which equals about 5000 people staying in our properties every year? Out of all those people, some folks like to express themselves, and we always strive [...]


Long Term Winter Visitors are Back

Welcome Back Snowbirds! We are kicking the 2017 year off with Snowbird season. We have about 14 Snowbirds staying in various rentals this year; typically for a couple of months. They flock to warmer weather right here in Cayucos. We are fortunate to have a group of them that come from Lake Almador, which is [...]


Keeping Your Vacation Rentals Safe is Our Priority

Gosh! Can you believe it? It's that time of year again already - to fall back and get an extra hour in the day. We hope you weathered the time change Okay this past weekend and are feeling better with the extra hour of sleep! We’re using that extra time to keep busy. We will [...]


Your Help

Hello Owners This week James is making the post to you. I hope you all are doing well. I wanted to bring to your attention that with the new website there is also and opportunity to improve. If you have a specific write up, or think we missed a picture that should be on the [...]


New Year

Happy New Year! The New Year was rung in with another wall heater going out of commission on January 1. Fortunately the guest waited till 7 am to phone the answering service instead of the middle of the night when it apparently went out. The guest was okay waiting till 11 am for delivery of [...]


Old Dog

Funny story from the other day while chatting with an interested renter. While I'm describing the house they mention they can’t find it on Google maps and questioned if it was really there. I said yes and asked if they saw it on our website? Felt like they had working knowledge of the lay out [...]


Keeping a Cheery Outlook

How do you keep a cheery outlook at 7am on Thanksgiving morning about a call from the answering service because a heater has stopped working and the guest is cold? We do it with a smile and a good back up plan. Did you know we keep a large inventory of back up items, from [...]


Ability to Keep a Straight Face

While checking in a guest, and letting them know that upon inspecting the property earlier, their TV/internet wasn’t working, they blurted out, "Ohh f***, we won’t be happy about that!" We replied, while keeping the straight face, "We already have a appointment first thing tomorrow morning to get it fixed." Thank goodness we go to [...]


Stopping Illegal Rentals That Take Away Your Income

CCMA (Central Coast Management Association) which Cindy sits on, is a Board that was formed about 10 years ago when we had to take on the County of San Luis Obispo who inflicted the ever so difficult ordinance rulings. In the event you’ve forgotten, I’ll give a reminder. The rules for legal vacation rental properties [...]