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Sometimes The Small Things Are Very Important!

Clean Dishware In Your Homes We had a crystal clear day today in more ways than the weather, we received our box of Jet dry, which to some may be a boring subject but an important one if you don’t like cloudy glasses or dishes. Our inspectors will be distributing to all the homes and [...]


Cleaning Inspections Get A New Set Of Eyes

We have some fun news to share: James has taken on the job of cleaning inspector for a week or two. Lori, who typically does inspections, is moving this week and needed some time off. So, James being the Team Player that he is, has stepped up to take this part of the business on. [...]


Another Very Busy Summer is Over – Annual Carpet Cleaning Will Be Scheduled in September and October

Typically we have requested deep cleans to be done annually, but this year, we want to do something new! The independent contractors that we use (usually the same one repeatedly at your home) will perform an ongoing deep clean throughout the year. For example: Kitchens will be done after summer, getting them ready for those [...]