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Spring Cleaning

Easter/Spring Break Last week marked the first day of spring and that can mean so many things. Flowers are going to bloom, days are getting longer, the sun will shine more and in regards to your vacation home it’s spring cleaning time. We had a lot of snow birds this year and they are leaving [...]


Educational Seminar That Will Benefit You and Your Property

Learning Can Be Fun! Continuing education, while some feel can be tedious, we feel it's always informative, helpful, and a must. We always want to be up on the latest vacation rental property information we can, and that benefits you too! This year we are really luck because we get to go to "The Happiest [...]


Good Time for Furnace and Heater Inspections

How's Your Heater Doing? The last week has brought some awesome weather, and we’ve been able to turn down the heat, but we'll still need to keep the flame going for a little while longer. That's because the majority of our guests come from inland where the temperatures are warmer. So when guests get here, [...]


Paint – Such a Fast Way to Update Your Cayucos Vacation Rental

Guests Love The New ColorKudos goes out to our owner at 123 North Ocean Avenue, they just had their unit painted inside, and it looks marvelous. Most of the warm hues stayed the same, with the exception of the master bedroom, which has been updated to a lovely shade of gray. Guests really appreciate it [...]


Do Guests Love Your Rental?

Guest Reviews Can Really Boost Rental Rates Did you know that we typically have more than 1000 bookings a year, and each booking has an average of 5 persons, which equals about 5000 people staying in our properties every year? Out of all those people, some folks like to express themselves, and we always strive [...]


Sometimes The Small Things Are Very Important!

Clean Dishware In Your Homes We had a crystal clear day today in more ways than the weather, we received our box of Jet dry, which to some may be a boring subject but an important one if you don’t like cloudy glasses or dishes. Our inspectors will be distributing to all the homes and [...]


Cayucos Rain is So Welcome, and More on the Way

Local Whale Rock Reservoir is Filling Up! We’ve gotten a bucket (or two) full of water dumped on us over the past few weeks, and boy are we excited to see it. And the great news is: more rain is on the way! In fact while you’re reading this, we are most likely getting hit [...]


Maintenance For Cayucos Vacation Rentals

Alarms and Heaters It's been a busy past few weeks! We’d thought you’d like to know, we've gotten everyone's smoke alarm and carbon monoxide batteries changed out over the past few months. And that’s not all, we even changed out some heater filters in order to keep everything running efficiently and smoothly for our Owners. [...]


We Are Ahead of Google – For Once!

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that we updated our website and made it responsive to mobile users a little more than a year ago. You should be very happy too, because it will affect everyone, but no worries, we are in good shape. Keeping Google Happy is Important We all [...]


Upcoming Offer for Your Guests

Greetings from rainy Cayucos! We have been getting some regular wet weather here, and we are happy for all the rain we can get after so many years of drought. Coupon for Guests We just wanted to let you know that next month’s special is going to be a gift certificate to The Grill Restaurant [...]