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Easter Special

Clean Beaches for EasterHippity hoppity Easter is on its way and yeah the beach is neat and clean to hop out on and enjoy. We thank the County for having our beaches cleaned up. There was so much wood that came down the streams from all the storms it just kept collecting on the sand. [...]


Don’t Miss March and April To Visit Cayucos! So Much To Do!

Visit Cayucos For Fabulous Weather and Upcoming Events Spring is almost here, and the sun will be shining even more clearly after all the rain we’ve had! Wouldn’t you and your family like to enjoy some wonderful Cayucos weather too? Picture yourself taking a nice long stroll on the beach looking for that special piece [...]


Morning of Sunshine and Paddle Boarding in Cayucos!

When I pulled up to the boardwalk yesterday morning, the picture to the right is what I saw. I know life can be tough going to work at the beach, but it's so refreshing to see our locals out on the water after all the rain we've had. You can live like a local too! [...]


Now is Whale Watching Time in Cayucos CA – Don’t Miss It!

Cayucos is Great for Whale Watching Did you know that January, and winter in general, is an excellent time of the year to go whale watching? When you stay in Cayucos, especially in one of our oceanfront vacation rentals, you have a front row view of one the greatest migrations on the plant. Every year, [...]


Pets and Families Loving the Beach in Cayucos CA!

What Do Your Pets Look Like? Here's a picture of Duke, who is the furry companion of one of our managers. Duke loves to drop by the office to say “Hi” on his way for his evening walk on the beach where he can romp and play as much as he has likes. Life can [...]


Cayucos Surfs Up!

Did you know that according to local surfers: “Cayucos is an exposed beach break that offers fairly consistent surf year-round?” And while most people think that spring and summer provide the optimum surfing conditions here in Cayucos, that’s not always true. Interestingly enough, even in the fall and winter months we can get some killer [...]


Winter Beach Picture from Cayucos – Take a Look

Good day to you all from beautiful Cayucos! I just got back from a long road trip, and it sure is nice to be home and enjoying gorgeous weather again. In fact, it’s been so nice, that I wanted to share some of it with you. Today’s picture is from our webcam very close to [...]


Pet Friendly Beach Rentals in Cayucos CA

Hi to all you dog lovers. If you’re looking for a great vacation with your pets, we can help you out! We offer several pet friendly beach rentals in Cayucos so you can always have your entire family with you. Cayucos is a dog friendly beach as long as you have them on a leash, [...]


Web Cam

What’s new at the beach? Our Web cam has been updated and it’s live!Click Here to View We are looking (literally) forward to sharing a piece of Cayucos with you. At the end of your long day grab your favorite beverage, have a seat in your comfy chair, log on for a bird’s eye view [...]


Warmer Ocean Temperatures in Cayucos!

You may not know this, but the normal ocean water temperature in Cayucos is 51 degrees F (11 degrees C) which can be a bit chilly without a wetsuit for some! Our ocean temperatures lately however, have been registering in the high 60 degree F range! (20 degrees C). Wow! This is great news! These [...]