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Cayucos Vacation Rentals Galore!

Variety is the Name of the Game

Did you know that Cayucos Vacation Rentals has the largest quantity of quality homes to choose from here in Cayucos?

We feel super fortunate that we have such variety to offer you – and top notch variety at that.

We have one bedrooms, all the way up to a 6 bedroom homes for rent.

You might be thinking about a quick getaway with your significant other and only need a small place, but have you ever thought about getting a group of friends or family together?

We invite you to look at as many of our properties as you can. Our site is

You might just see one that says to you, “come and stay at the beach with your friends or family.”

And – if you do you see something you like – make sure you book right then and there because we offer online booking so you can book at any time – at your leisure.

Simply click the “Check Availability” Link that is on every property, and that will give you all kinds of information as well as a “Book Now” link.

It’s really – Easy breezy!

And of course, if you need help or have any questions, never hesitate to call us: 800-995-2322

Have a great weekend!

This Could Be You Here In Cayucos!

Relaxing and Enjoying a Cayucos Sunset

We have so many happy people that come and stay in our vacation rentals, and we are always thrilled to share what they have to say.

Here is what these folks said: “Perfect place, no complaints. Best view of ocean and beach you could get.”

Our guests left this lovely picture and comment in our app guestbook. These guests, who just departed this morning, actually wanted to stay longer then they had booked for!

They even called to see if the home was available to extend another night, however, work life called to wrangle them back up!

You can enjoy the sunsets in Cayucos too!

Just give us a call: 800-995-2322 or take a look at the amazing rentals we have available for you: Cayucos Vacation Rentals Homes.

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Saint Patty’s Day – Cayucos Style

A Bit ‘O Cayucos Green

Saint Patrick’s Day is next week, and while we’re not like Boston or Chicago with their big celebrations, Cayucos does offer a bit ‘O the Green in a different way.

After all the winter rain we’ve had, Cayucos is greening up!

And, speaking of green, our local golf courses have never looked, or played better, than now.

If for you, enjoying a bit ‘o the green entails Golfing, make sure you download our FREE Cayucos Golf Lover’s Stay and Play PDF.

This free PDF has 6 pages, highlighting 11 of the best nearby golf courses, for you and your friends and family to play.

Golf lovers say our courses are like a mini Pebble Beach, because of the spectacular views and great golf – but at a fraction of the cost.

We have organized 3 days of stay & play golf days, but with 11 courses to choose from.

Download it today!

Enjoy Cayucos Green Another Way

If, however, enjoying a bit ‘O the Green is more a walk along the shoreline for you, Cayucos can easily accommodate that easily too.

Local trails along the bluffs are bright green, and flowers will be on the way soon, showing us that springtime is here.

After all, nothing is more relaxing than walking along the cost, watching the sea otters play in the kelp beds, feeling the ocean breeze, and listing to the sound of the surf. Too nice!

We’re always here to answer questions, so never hesitate to Contact Us, and we can help you find the best vacation rental to fit your needs!