Visit Cayucos For Fabulous Weather and Upcoming Events

Spring is almost here, and the sun will be shining even more clearly after all the rain we’ve had!

Wouldn’t you and your family like to enjoy some wonderful Cayucos weather too?

Picture yourself taking a nice long stroll on the beach looking for that special piece of sea glass, with the warm sun on your back, and the cool ocean lapping your bare feet in the sand.

You can do just that March 11th and the 12th because the Sea Glass Festival will be that weekend.

Make sure to give us a call ASAP, and make your reservation for one of our great vacation rental properties, because we only have a few left to choose from.

If not March, how about a visit in April when the kids are on their school break?

After all, they’ve worked hard on their school projects, and could use a carefree weekend boogie boarding in the ocean.

Or – How about challenging one of your kids to a board game while, your favorite cookies are baking in your fully equipped kitchen in one of our vacation rental homes?

All of these getaways are just an email or phone call away, so come on down to the sea shore, we’d love to have you!