Local Whale Rock Reservoir is Filling Up!

We’ve gotten a bucket (or two) full of water dumped on us over the past few weeks, and boy are we excited to see it.

And the great news is: more rain is on the way!

In fact while you’re reading this, we are most likely getting hit with another big storm.

But the even better news is: Whale Rock Reservoir, which serves so many local communities, is approximately at 65% capacity.

This is terrific, because it was getting a little bit scary, watching our water supply continue to be depleted year after year.

More About Whale Rock Reservoir

Did you know that Whale Rock Reservoir is the forgotten dam of the county?

It’s the smallest public reservoir, and doesn’t allow boating.

The state Department of Water Resources designed it, began construction in October 1958, and finished it in April 1961, with a 30-inch pipeline that runs 18 miles to San Luis Obispo.

When it’s full, Whale Rock can provide San Luis Obispo with three years’ worth of water.

It also serves Cal Poly, the California Men’s Colony, and the Cayucos Area Water Organization.

Anyway, we are loving all the water, and we just wanted to share that with all of you, and know your property is benefiting from all the water as well.