Alarms and Heaters

It’s been a busy past few weeks!

We’d thought you’d like to know, we’ve gotten everyone’s smoke alarm and carbon monoxide batteries changed out over the past few months.

And that’s not all, we even changed out some heater filters in order to keep everything running efficiently and smoothly for our Owners.

If your home was one we did update, you’ll see the billing on your statements in February.

Rain Gutters

Our next mission now is to work on all the properties that have rain gutters.

Because we’ve had so little rain over the past several years, we’d forgotten how important it was to keep the rain gutters cleared.

The leaves and debris that get stuck in the gutters really can create a problem when the rains come.

All the debris collects in the gutters, and the water can’t drain the way it’s supposed to, causing all kinds of problems.

If you’re visiting in the next few months please check with us to see if we’ve gotten to your property yet, and together we will make sure to get your gutters cleared and working properly.

Meanwhile, we are so glad to see the moisture, it really benefits us all in so many ways, even with the inconveniences it can cause!