One Of Our Favorite Restaurants

Our favorite restaurant pick of the month is the Cass House, because not only do they have an outstanding restaurant called “The Grill,” but they also have “The Bakery” which offers the most scrumptious, fresh-out-of-oven treats.

The Bakery – Warm and delicious

Typically, at least once a week, we pick up something hot out of the oven from “The Bakery” and it’s delicious every time.

The Grill – For Lunch and Dinner

The Grill on the other hand, serves lunch and dinner and I sure wish I could eat dinner there every night of the week!

We know when you rent one of our Vacation Rental properties, the beauty is cooking in and enjoying your property, but we always advise our guests to save one night to go out on the town, and we recommend The Grill. You won’t be disappointed.

They grow a portion of the vegetables right on their property that they use in their cooking. It really is farm to table, and you can taste the freshness of the produce every time.

On the dinner menu, under the “wood oven” section, we’ve now tasted every item and can’t decide which is the favorite because they are so good.

The good news is however, you don’t have to pick just one item, because the way it’s set up it’s intended for you to order multiple items and share amongst the table if you want.

As I write this I can’t stop thinking about the Rosemary Flat Bread, Heirloom Tomatoes Panzanella and Autumn Fettuccini balanced with a nice glass of Red, doesn’t that sound good?

The owner, Tracy, always takes the time to greet us when we are there, and she will with you too!

Give it try!