Welcome Back Snowbirds!

We are kicking the 2017 year off with Snowbird season.

We have about 14 Snowbirds staying in various rentals this year; typically for a couple of months. They flock to warmer weather right here in Cayucos.

We are fortunate to have a group of them that come from Lake Almador, which is located in Northern California. It’s fun to catch up with them as most of them return year after year.

They are all retired, and have a ton of time on their hands, and some like to stop by a few times a week to chat.

We typically get requests for extra reading lamps, more comfortable couches, and they like to try and find out what their friends are paying, BUT we won’t tell them! We never give out that type of information.

But what we will help them with however, is to pick out their favorite rentals when they come into the office. They are so hospitable, that once they have settled in, we’ve been invited over for a happy hour drink, and been offered to go and shoot a round of golf!

Did I mention they have a lot of time on their hands?

Maybe this year James will take an extended lunch and go play a round. We hope he makes it back to the office after lunch, but somehow we think he’ll get roped into Happy Hour, which from what we hear, starts early in the winter.

There’s always something different going on here and we like it that way!