What Do Your Pets Look Like?

Here’s a picture of Duke, who is the furry companion of one of our managers.

Duke loves to drop by the office to say “Hi” on his way for his evening walk on the beach where he can romp and play as much as he has likes.

Life can be tough some days, but you just have to keep on trucking, as Duke shows us every day.

And while it’s supposed to rain this week, that won’t stop Duke from going for his walks. Sounds familiar to you pet owners out there – doesn’t it?

We just love pictures and sharing them, so if you have pictures of your family to include your 4-legged ones, please send them in to: cvr (at) cayucosvacationrentals (dot) com or get in touch with us on our Contact Page.

We post a fun picture first week of the month on this blog and would love to see some of our fan’s pets, or kids, having some plain ‘ole fun at Cayucos beach.

Or, maybe you stayed in one of our pet friendly rentals and can share a story of how fun it was for the entire family to stay together? Let us know!