Greetings from your CVR Team! We wanted to let you know that next week’s blog to our Local News Blog subscribers will be to offer a 2-night minimum stay for the period of January 2 to January 9, 2017.

Typically it would be a 4-night minimum, or possibly a 3-night stay, but since we still have some properties open, and some folks like the idea of a last minute getaway, we wanted to put this offer out there for people to take advantage of.

This way, those who only want to come for a few nights, or maybe didn’t get the opportunity to take the kids anywhere on the school break, have an opportunity to visit Cayucos when they normally might not be able to.

We will sweeten the deal by offering some Brown Butter Cookies to any that book off of the blog post offering this deal, since more people are following our blogs, and appreciating the specials.

Until next week, here’s wishing you all safe shopping experiences throughout the hustle and bustle of the crazy holidays!