When you’re staying in one of our Cayucos vacation homes, you’ll want to get the most out of it and visit some of our nearby towns.

Last week, I was lucky enough to get away to a great area that’s just a hop, skip and a jump from Cayucos – I’m talking about our neighboring town of Templeton.

It takes about 30 minutes to get there and you’ll enjoy a lovely drive on the way.

While I was in Templeton, I visited McPhee’s Grill (formerly Ian’s in Cambria, for all of you that have been coming forever to the Central Coast) for lunch.

The restaurant has an ambiance of old western-town charm, as the building is definitely an oldie but goodie, but don’t let that fool you, their food is outstanding.

Their grill is open to the restaurant and you can watch the crew prepare any of the following: oak grilled USDA prime steaks, natural grown chicken, pork, lamb, and fresh seasonal seafood, all from local growers and suppliers.

You’ll also find many local wines and beers served at the restaurant, but you might want to make an afternoon out of it by stopping along the way home to do some wine tasting since you’ll be on 46 West.

Another idea for you to try out, because it’s such a treat, is to stop by McPhee’s Grill and pick up some of their steaks to take back to your vacation rental to BBQ, since all our properties do have a BBQ’s. Decisions, decisions.

Hey you know what? Why don’t you just make a day of it? Make a few stops along the way to Templeton at a winery or two, have some lunch at McPhee’s, and then grab some steaks to take back home to BBQ for dinner that night!

Can you picture yourself, with a nice glass of wine in one hand and the spatula in the other flipping that steak, all the while watching the sunset over the ocean in Cayucos out your backdoor?

Let us know when we should make your reservation!