RefrigeratorEven though it was weekend before last, I still wanted to share with you that the 2016 Thanksgiving Holiday weekend really had us on our toes.

Did you know that on the day guests arrive, we go to your property to confirm everything in the house is in working order? That means all appliances and electronics in your house get turned on and tested.

Upon inspection, we found an oven had quit working 2 days prior to Turkey day, and a refrigerator in another rental had quit one day prior to Turkey day.

We are very fortunate to work with Morro Bay Appliance as they put us on their already booked schedule to come out same day to determine what the issues were.

And even more fortunate, 2 of our owners trusted us to pick out new appliances with 2-hours’ notice, and Morro Bay Appliance to work with us on installation. James and Matt did assist on one of the calls, but it turns out all turkeys and pies got cooked, and all leftovers stored safely.

Another successful holiday has come and gone, and we’ll be ready for the next upcoming holiday rush, no worries!