Surfing Cayucos in DecemberDid you know that according to local surfers: “Cayucos is an exposed beach break that offers fairly consistent surf year-round?”

And while most people think that spring and summer provide the optimum surfing conditions here in Cayucos, that’s not always true.

Interestingly enough, even in the fall and winter months we can get some killer wave action.

Check out these pictures taken today!

The surf is looking good, and when I arrived at work today, I saw about 7 surfers waiting for just the right wave to ride in on. It was a little chilly but clear and beautiful.

I’m assuming most of these people were either locals, or from our neighboring towns, but it could be you out there!

We have local surf shops that offer surf lessons, and rent boogie boards and wet suits, which are a must at this time of the year, so you can come and get in on the wave action anytime you want.

It’s so much fun because you can bob around in the ocean like a seal, and most likely you’ll even see one of our local seals hanging in the waves. So even though it’s approaching winter we still have gorgeous days and surf that won’t let up.