Email Blast Picture Cayucos Vacation RentalsHello! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to update you about the email blast that we sent out two weeks ago.

We are encouraging people to come and stay off-season mid-week, and after two weeks, 46% of the emails we sent were opened, which is a very good open rate!

To give you some comparison, here is some marketing data:

  • According to Smart Insights, in October 2016, the average open rate is 22.87% for email marketing campaigns across all industries. A study by Silverpop found the typical open rate was 19.9% in the US, while an analysis by Epsilon stated 27.4% was a good benchmark for open rates.
  • As of October 2016, the average open rate for the Accommodations Industry (hotel, inn, B&B) is 14.21%

So with our open rate of 46%, which is much higher than normal, that means around 77 people have been made aware of this deal. We will be following up with them after the holidays, to see how many we can get to take the next step, and make a booking. One step at a time!

Also, out of 167 emails sent, only 1 person chose to unsubscribe. This is a very good number!

Plus, most people are viewing the emails on their phones, no surprise there, so it’s a good thing our website and emails are always mobile phone and tablet friendly.

When we get more data in, we’ll be letting you know, and we are continuing with other marketing efforts this month that we will keep you informed about. Meanwhile, have a great day!