Hi Everyone!

We have some exciting news. This week, we did an email blast to just under 200 people that have signed up over the last few months for our Local News Blog. This is great because it shows a keen interest from our website visitors that they want to stay in touch and keep appraised of what is going on here in Cayucos. We’ll be using this interest to help encourage them to come year-round and enjoy a stay in Cayucos during the off-season and mid-week.

So because of that, this year, we are kicking off a special deal, just to subscribers, offering a 3rd night free with a 2 night booking from 11/15 to 3/15 mid-week and non holiday. Cayucos Vacation Rentals is also giving away a free gift of their choice, ranging from free firewood, bakery treats, a local wine tasting, and even a free pet walking for those staying in a pet friendly home.

We are excited to see how many people will book from this offering. Advertising has changed over the years, and social media and direct email contact is a great, cost-effective way to keep in touch with our customers. It’s our goal to offer some extras, and by doing so, we will be able to see who reads or follows us on our sites.

Our repeats equal about 48%, so once we get them to stay with us, they most likely will return time after time.

If you’re not willing to offer a free night please let us know and we’ll make a note of it.

But to those of you who are, we “Thank You” so much for your participation to help us keep your properties booked throughout the year!

Till next week!