New Sofa for Cayucos Vacation Rental HomeHello to all! I apologize for not keeping in better touch with you this year, but I just got so bogged down in so many other things that I simply got behind in my blogging duties. That said; I have some interesting news:

The owners at 14 Bakersfield are happy to report their new living room sofa has arrived! This may seem like a small detail, but in the world of rentals, it is hugely important. This new sofa is rich, warm, brown leather which will last a long time, and with the bright pillows they added it looks great. It perks up the entire room!

A detail like this can make all the difference to vacationers who want a bit of luxury, and with this rental having 5 bedrooms, typically, there are large groups of people staying and using the sofa.

In my experience, sofas last about 5-7 years in a rental because they get a lot of use, and because of that, we have another owner waiting delivery of their new sofa.

So next time you’re here, take a look at your sofa. Is it tired or outdated? We’d be happy to talk to you about what other owners have in their rentals, what lasts the best, and what vacationers really love, making them eager to come back and rent your home year after year.

Have a great day, and I WILL be back next week to talk about smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors!