Funny story from the other day while chatting with an interested renter. While I’m describing the house they mention they can’t find it on Google maps and questioned if it was really there. I said yes and asked if they saw it on our website? Felt like they had working knowledge of the lay out and view. Yes they had, but couldn’t find it in their Google search.


We go back and forth as they are still trying to find it and they end up saying “well I guess I’m going to have to trust you” with concern in their voice. I say “well modern technology isn’t 100% and I can guarantee you the house is there.” I muted the phone and hollered back to Lindsey “can you please find this address on Google” and within seconds Lindsey says tell her to scroll to the right. I repeat Lindsey’s instructions and what you know? She finds the house and says ok I’ll book it.


That entire conversation made me feel kind of old. I remember booking homes to people before computers and Google. Everything was done over the phone and through the mail. I wonder how the heck we did it?