How do you keep a cheery outlook at 7am on Thanksgiving morning about a call from the answering service because a heater has stopped working and the guest is cold?

We do it with a smile and a good back up plan.

Did you know we keep a large inventory of back up items, from space heaters to mini refrigerators, and we don’t charge you a fee to deliver to the property?

The tenant was kind enough to wait till noon for the space heaters. And fortunately, one of us is always on call in the area for just the possibility of hearing from the answering service, that someone is locked out of their unit, or needs something important such as a heater.

I’d love to hear your input as to whether it’s the guests problem, and we should charge them to come out and let them in, or is it part of our job?

So, if you ever wonder what we are doing, the above it just one example. We appreciate your confidence in us to take care of all the little things to keep as many people happy as we can – with a cheery outlook!