It’s a lot of fun to check people in to their vacation homes, and with 50% repeat clientele, we see you year after year and get to experience seeing your kids, and them being excited about being at the beach.

Some of you are a little road weary after being in the car with kids, in laws, and cars jammed full of beach supplies, but we can typically get you to smile about being on vacation.

This long Thanksgiving weekend we had a wonderful group of renters, that come year after year, and we truly appreciate their business.

The weather was a bit brisk, but the sun was out every day, making people smile.

We had a heater quit working on Thanksgiving morning. We immediately called the tenant to discuss the backup plan, and they were so thankful for us responding so quickly. We told them we are happy assist with whatever they may need. It was truly a morning of “Thanks” on both sides!

Here at CVR we are very excited to have you as our guest, and we strive to provide the best customer service we can, because we love our jobs. It’s truly our goal to help you have a great stay with CVR.

Happy Holidays – and we look forward to seeing you at the beach soon!