CCMA (Central Coast Management Association) which Cindy sits on, is a Board that was formed about 10 years ago when we had to take on the County of San Luis Obispo who inflicted the ever so difficult ordinance rulings.

In the event you’ve forgotten, I’ll give a reminder. The rules for legal vacation rental properties are as follows:

1. There can’t be another vacation rental within 150 linear feet on the same block and a 50 foot radius of your property.

2. There can only be one tenant per week.

3. All parking has to be on site.

4. There has to be a local contact person available 24/7 in the area.

The good news it that you are legal and we stay on top of keeping you in compliance with the County – the bad news is that a couple of these rules restrict your property.

I attended the Monthly CCMA meeting Wednesday and our group had a very lengthy discussion about all the illegal properties that have been forced to go underground and operate at an advantage over your property because they self-manage and they don’t charge the 12 % tax.

Most of these properties are on VRBO. Cindy and James are lead on a committee that is implementing a plan to go after these illegal properties because they are taking income away from all of us. We will keep you in the loop as this develops, and we will continue to work together in order to benefit everyone.

As always, we appreciate the loyalty you show us by continuing to allow us to manage your property. Have a great day!

Cindy and The CVR Team