This past Thursday was spent in San Luis Obispo at an Industry Educational Symposium, James and Cindy were fortunate to be able to attend right here in our own backyard. We were welcomed with a Home Away speaker giving us up to date information relative to our vacation rental industry and what the future holds for Vacation Rental properties and the governing agencies that we stay current with.

We also received some very informative information from a representative of Farm Supply on water savings which comes as no surprise to any of us here on the Coast and the fact that we need to conserve water. We much rather be spending the day in the big pool of water know as the Ocean but sometimes we have to be diligent and learn new and helpful things.

Then the grand finale was a speaker from Trip Advisor who gave us a wealth of information on guest reviews. Yes the guest review, the thing we may not want to hear but need to in this modern age of instant information and sharing. I believe we will be able to successfully weave through guest reviews and come out ahead of the game together!