Believe it or not, but when you upgrade your rental unit your guests love and appreciate it! Plus, they are that much more eager to rebook, knowing they are being looked after, and knowing they will be that much more comfortable when they stay with you. With 50% repeat clientele, they definitely notice new items and let us know how happy they are about it.

So a few shouts of Kudos:

Thanks to the Christies for replacing your sofa with a new tropical wicker sofa and new sheets! They look great and add a nice fresh feel.

Thanks to the Coleman’s for getting a new flat screen TV and DVR. The renters will love them.

The Classeens and Neimans for all new window coverings and bedspreads over the last 3 months and just this week a new living room sofa and love seat. Wow, the place looks great!

We want to extend a big thank you to the Morris’s for letting us know how much they appreciate all our hard work. They arrived at their home after being gone for the past 6 months and are really happy with all the rentals we got for them and how clean the house is. Everyone is happy and we really strive for a win win here.

The Christies of 238 Pacific purchased a new wicker sofa and the old one wasn’t even in bad shape (they are offering to gift the sofa) they are always updating their unit which makes our jobs so much easier as their property always shines as the well appointed beach home. So if anyone is interested in updating their unit with a new sofa and look let Cindy know and she’ll be happy to help.

And thanks to ALL our owners for doing a great job. It’s nice to work with you.