You would not believe some of the things we end up doing, because even we don’t sometimes! But in our industry humor is a definite must! We want to keep you up on the crazy things that we do day in and day out that you may not even be aware of. We hope you get a laugh out of it.

Like the woman who inadvertently made Cindy feel color blind! The guest had left behind her swim suit, a lime-green swim suit. Cindy offered to mail the suit back to the guest, but after searching through other colorful lingerie, could only find a yellow suit. Upon further conversation the guest said, “Well, that’s true the suit is so sun bleached, I guess it is more yellow than lime-green now!”

The good news is two-fold: 1. Cindy isn’t color blind, and 2. the guest got her favorite swim suit sent back to her with no further trouble.

So if you leave something behind, no worries, no matter what its color, we’ll find it, and get it back to you!